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I get all of your mags! - Jamie i made obi wan and darth vader - MYSELF Hey! K-Zone you are the best! You make literally everyone who comes here happy! Your Mags are obviously the best and they are Exceptionally Amazing - Ellie J M i like trains - Theo K Don't ever stop making your magazine! They are fabulous! - Cristina S Dear K-zone just wanted to say thank you for putting me in the 250th issue and thanks for the odds book and the onward merch pack! Stay Awesome! - Eleanor M I came back to my K-zone phase it feels good! - Xavier F Hey guys, I received my prize today after school and I am so happy with what I received thank you so much! I have taken photos to share with my family thanks again.. I can’t wait to get reading these amazing books! - Xavier Z Yo what up been a fan since 2015 - Alex Sup k-zone! I hope you see my unlucky story. It was painful! - Blake T