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Yo K-ZONE you guys got the best mags there is - Jermaine.M Shout out to my friends - Charlie H Kzone is the BEST like Steven universe - Harrison Shout out to K-zone for having the best Magazines ever - Grace G I love k-zone so much, my favourite thing is the pranks! - Micah B Hi all K-zoners - Leo D hi I'm Oliver if you chose a console to play on what would it be Xbox PlayStation or Nintendo switch? I would prefer Nintendo switch :) - oliver I LOVE LEGO LEGENDS OF CHIMA! WHYYY DID IT HAVE TO END!?! WHYYY!?!?! But at least they have Ninjago, which is waaaay better! But now that’s ending too! Whyyy!?!?! - Jehanzeb K get 'em k-zone :) - Kate R I wish I could win the KZONE texta drawing comp..that would be totally awesome as I tried super hard. Love u KZONE thanks guy...bye - Ashlyn A


Amphibia premieres Sunday August 18 at 7:30am on Disney Channel! Want to read more of our interview with Matt? Grab the September issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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