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K-zone is cool! chuck the rest in the pool! - mark s jack s is the biggest kzone fan - jack s K-zone your da bomb I hope you never stop making mags peace out - Logan J shout out to all Pokemon fans who read K-zone! - Jacob R I LOVE K-ZONE - Hunter.S so cool!! - Leo L Shout out to my best friend Angus - Lucas k zone is so cool i love the you collecta pages - Lloyd Z l love your mags! - Eli k-zone is the best!!! - jamie C


Najir J
Looking great and fun to look at it
20/12/2020 7:20:06 AM
I think both of them are good the PS5 Looks like an internet rounter and the Xbox series x looks like an mini fridge they both look funny but they will both look good.
16/12/2020 8:38:14 PM
Charlie L
9/12/2020 4:15:07 PM
Rowan M
Hi K-zone I hope you never stop selling your mags!!! I ❤ them!!!
5/12/2020 5:34:46 PM
Nathan D
Hey K-Zone i can't sadly go and get the new issue but im sure ill get it before its out of stock and i love the other K-Zone issues thier awsome also merry early christmas
28/11/2020 5:34:51 AM
Nathan D
Hi K-Zone im not alowed to go get the new issue today but i am still loving K-Zone and also merry early christmas
28/11/2020 5:32:33 AM
Alek G
i love your mags i hope you never stop making them >k zone is the best!!!!
19/11/2020 10:10:13 AM
Ethan T
17/11/2020 7:24:12 AM
Jeremy B
Hey Kzone, just got the mag today. It’s awesome and I love the baby yoda poster. Great game zone stuff too, another epic edition yay. Merry Christmas k-zone team and fellow k-zoners 😀
16/11/2020 3:42:48 PM
Which lunchtime game is best?