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i l-o-v-e k-zone - lockie c Thank you K-zone, you guys rock. I just found out I won the Grit scooter, too cool.😁 thank you thank you - Jeremy B Shout out to my best friends Brad and Harley. My superhero parents and my awesome 100% amazing sister Lily! - Devin I love K-Zone as much as Lego and books. - Marcos S K-Zone is epic - Rory K-zone is awesome!!! 😎 - Benjamin W I really wanna win the skater XL game in this months mag... how awesome is K-Zone - dylan b k-zone is so cool also their mag i wish you could make more mags - Leo R You're the best K-zone πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€ - Blake Y I LOVE YOUR MAGS THEY ARE FIRE! Keep up the best work guys! - Benjamin S


9/5/2020 4:06:00 PM
Lachlan L
hi how are you guys today?
6/5/2020 2:25:01 PM
Oliver Q
Bebe yoda
5/5/2020 6:25:58 PM
Cody L
Me:When I Say baby You say yoda Me: baby you guys: yoda!!!
27/4/2020 5:29:14 PM
Hi guys lol
26/4/2020 6:40:15 PM
I love k-zone
26/4/2020 10:11:54 AM
Felicity W
25/4/2020 1:59:32 PM
oscar w
baby yoda is the best
25/4/2020 1:04:43 PM
Elijah H
I love baby Yoda
23/4/2020 6:10:15 PM
mark s
baby yoda!!!!!!
21/4/2020 9:43:54 PM
20/4/2020 5:45:32 PM
saxen k
It’s so awesome
18/4/2020 11:21:40 AM
17/4/2020 8:11:18 AM
Charlotte D
Thanks soooooooooooo much just got it
16/4/2020 3:31:57 PM
Jack R
15/4/2020 8:51:25 PM
What would you rather be?
A famous athlete
A Time Lord
A super hero
A comedian