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Sneak Peek of October 2020 Outta This World Heroes (And Villains) Issue

Check out a few pages of the new issue, on sale now!

Tags:   jumanji minions


Spencer E-M
You’re the best k-zone I love your mags keep going (:
30/9/2020 6:36:54 AM
Caleb D
can't wait to read about the whale snot and minions!!
28/9/2020 4:37:38 PM
Aiden C
I wish I get dis mag but I cant
27/9/2020 8:23:06 PM
Awesome way out of my world
27/9/2020 5:22:25 PM
Luv fr the Philippines. More power.
25/9/2020 9:15:07 PM
I love it
25/9/2020 6:50:59 AM
I love it
25/9/2020 6:50:52 AM
Julian H
My fave hero is Pikachu!
20/9/2020 6:09:33 PM
Charlie M
It's very cool and it has lots of stuff to enjoy
19/9/2020 3:07:30 PM
Joshua R
i love K-zone and really love to get the new issue
16/9/2020 4:40:53 PM
15/9/2020 7:54:22 AM
15/9/2020 7:54:20 AM
Jeremy B
I seriously can’t wait to get mine this week. All my favs on the cover The Rock, Minions and Spongebob and more, truly awesomeness.
14/9/2020 9:50:38 AM
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