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Hi guys your the best I wish I could win a prize 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 - Daisy Thanks for the AWESOME mags! shoutout to Max + Jet! - Lala Shout out to k-zone and everyone else and watch avengers endgame - Dibbles I picked up an issue of Kzone in 2003 when Finding Nemo was released, so happy to see its still thriving. Much love <3 - Bilal I want to put my little sister in because she is a great help and she deserves to get something great just like she is. 😍 - Danielle Shout out to Charlie!!!-Otis - Otis Thank you so much for the scooter i won it! I LOVE K-ZONE TYSM! - Paris I love your mags - Andrew K I read kzone every day - Blake M yo yo kkkk-zone! You guys are amazing (including these other strangers reading this and the books) - Charlie A