E3 2016 Is About To Kick Off!

by Dan | Jun 03, 2016

Yo, K-Zoners!

E3 — AKA the Electronic Entertainment Expo — is the biggest week in the gaming calendar and it all kicks off in Los Angeles on June 14! E3 is known for revealing the most mind-blowing gaming news each year and we reckon this year will be no different. Check out my top three most-wanted E3 reveals!

1. The Legend of Zelda WiiU – we’ve been hanging for this one so long that it feels like it might never come out but…this is the year! It’s gotta be. We hope.

2. The Nintendo NX
– Nintendo’s new console is rumoured to be something totally new, and not a replacement for either the 3DS or the WiiU.

3. New LEGO Dimensions playsets – we’re hoping for something totally out there, like LEGO Mario but we’d totally be stoked if they just add Harry Potter or Star Wars to the LEGO Dimensions crew!

In other news it’s been revealed the insane-looking No Man’s Sky has been delayed from releasing in June until August so the game-makers can polish it a bit more. We’re having a No Man’s Cry about the delay but we’d always rather a game was perfect and came out a bit later than studios rush to put out something unfinished!

Image: Nintendo


  1. 6 Lewis 03 Jun
    Hi Dan. I also want a star wars set in lego dimensions. I hope that you will write again next week!!!!
  2. 5 The guy who needs No Mans Sky 13 Jun
    Bu​t ​No Mans Sky ​is ​already ​awesome. Now another ​2 ​months to wait. It feels like ​forever.
  3. 4 Console expert 26 Jun
    What interests me is that the Playstation Neo (originally Playstation 4.5) was announced, Xbox came in with the Xbox 1S and now Nintendo NX. This is rather odd for there being so many console spin-offs announced. I guess companys just follow what Sony does. The Playstation was released 1 year before the Xbox, as well as recently news came up about a VR being made for Xbox, a while after the Playstation VR (originally Project Morpheus). This is all rather odd. Sony made the most popular console so far, the PS2 which sold 100 million units. So my guess is that Microsoft want to bring whatever Sony does for the Playstation to the Xbox. It's rather odd and also makes sense at the same time. Now I'm wondering if there will be a Nintendo VR
  4. 3 Cooper 02 Jul
    Yo Dan!!,

    Harry Potter and Voldemort are showing up in Lego dimensions along with Finn, Jake, LSP, The A-Team and Mission Impossible.   
  5. 2 The guy who still needs No Mans Sky 20 Jul
    Less than a month. No Mans Sky officially went gold now, so we just have to wait for the discs to be available.
  6. 1 The guy who wanted No Mans Sky 17 Sep
    No Mans Sky sucked. ​):​ Terrible. Lies everywhere. I wish they had spent another couple years making it betterish.


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