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Thank you Dan and Meel for my first K-Zone mag! - Nate R K-zone is awesome, September's issue had Spiderman in it ✌️ - Jace S K-zone is da best I just read the new issue is it is the best 1 yet! - Bailey I I love you K zone cant wait to keep on reading ur mags! - Finn hey k-zone I love your magazines you made can you please put roblox in some? please - keelan Hey K-Zone, absolutely love your mags! You guys rock!!! - Daniel P k-zone is Awesome - Nicholas H minecraft and animal crossing is cool! - Andre C I like the cheat codes this place is nice - Eman shoutout to 3d all stars for not only being my 3 "childhood" games but being on the newest nintendo console for all the younger kids to enjoy and even adults - koby h

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