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I LOVE KZONE ITS THE BEST THING TO READ - Gabatron IM AM HULK - Hulk I love ya kzone can’t wait for the next issue. - Alpha A kzone is gucci if you are reading my message what are you doing you should be subscribing and buying some toys bruh - daniel shout out to k zone for their awesome ooshie prizes! - Luke C I love you'r mags! I appreciate all the effort!!!!!! I love you guys!! ;D - Kit plz can I win the ooshies - Luke C Shout out to MItchell and benny! - Michael S I haven’t won a Kzone comp in a year! So I hope I win soon Kzone is da absolute best!👌👍🤘🤟🤙 - Jesse B You guys are amazing next one put in stuff about spider man: far from home cause it’s AMAZING!! - Tyler

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