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Aaron Blabey on Making The Bad Guys Movie

Aaron Blabey, creator of The Bad Guys, lets us in on the movie making magic and tells us what it's like being an executive producer for a movie, what character he's like in real life, and more!

Team K-Zone's Ange talks to Aaron Blabey about his favourite character to write for, his love of movies, and his role as executive producer for The Bad Guys!

Want to hear how Aaron wrote the series? Watch our interview with Aaron about The Bad Guys books!

The Bad Guys movie is out now in cinemas! The Bad Guys: Open Wide and Say Aarrrgh is coming to book stores May 1!

Who is your favourite character in The Bad Guys? Let us know in the comments!

Want to read more of our interview with Aaron? Grab the May 2022 'Trailblazers and Rebels' issue, out now!

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