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shout to my freind jesse he is the best oh wait i am jesse - jesse o I am Iron Man - Hudson S Shout out to my cousin, he got me into kzone in 2017 and I haven’t missed a issue since. - Brody k-zone is the BEST! - patrick J hiiiiiii - Ollie pls shout out to max hahahahahah - Max m yeet - jeff I love kzone it is my fav mag - Robbo YO KZONERs!!! Kzone your the best - Harry M K-zone is soooooo awesome you can keep reading it and not get bored. - yichen L


Dan shows Ange the ropes unboxing the awesome August issue!

Packed full of punch, the August issue of K-Zone visits the world of virtual reality!
Introducing our awesome editor Ange! Dan shows her the ropes the only way he knows how – with bucket loads of LOLs!
Ant-Man and The Wasp is out in cinemas and with the size-altering pair in mind, we cover the possibilities post-Infinity War. All the gaming info you need is in our mega E3 spesh. Plus, pranks, prizes and an OG Star Wars comic are there for your rad reading pleasure!
Yo! Don't forget the Build-A-Saurus model kit that comes with the issue. Get building!

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