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Learn A Basic Lightsaber Move

Team K-Zone tries to level up from Padawan to Jedi!

Ever wanted to become a Jedi? Maybe a Sith? Well, here at K-Zone HQ, lightsabers are always part of the action, and we couldn't resist trying a five step tutorial for a basic move this month!

Luke Boyton, the founder of Sons of Obi-Wan Saber Academy, broke down the 'moulinet' move into easy and awesome steps in the September issue of K-Zone! This is what happened when Team K-Zone tried to level up from Padawan to Jedi...

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Want the full tutorial so you can try the move? Grab the September issue of K-Zone, on sale now! You can also read more behind the scenes deets about the Sons of Obi-Wan Saber Academy!

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