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I love kzone thank you for creating a masterpiece for us kids - Archie R how good is space jam 1 & 2 - dylan b Hello - Archie R I love k-zone! - Henry C k-zone is awsome # best mag in the world - bailey Kzone is epic! shout out to my best friends josh lukas archer and axle - Henry k-zone is the best monkey (monkey is good) - Reuben K I love kzone!!!! - grace Hey K-zone, thank you so much, I just got the cool nitro circus skateboard delivered at home. So amazingly awesome thank you so much 😊. - Jeremy B I enjoy reading Kzone's monthly issues. - Zach G


Samuel A
Elliot is lame but Smaug
14/10/2020 8:44:41 PM
Samuel A
Elliot is lame
14/10/2020 8:44:22 PM
Archie D
Come on it’s Smaug from the hobbit...toothless is also was hard to pick.But who is this Elliot?
1/10/2020 2:25:05 PM
Tristan P
Dragons are so awesome; I don't now who to choose
21/5/2020 5:59:24 PM
Bradley W
the midle one
4/1/2020 5:56:01 PM
Toothless all the way bois!
4/1/2020 10:30:52 AM
Toothless all the way bois!
4/1/2020 10:30:52 AM
Toothless all way bois
4/1/2020 10:25:53 AM
can you see the big guy
5/10/2019 1:43:40 PM
james g
ol toothless is always better
18/6/2019 10:48:31 AM
Samuel T
this is a hard one but elliot is my brothers name
27/5/2019 4:41:07 PM
hi guys i love toothless i have a stufed toy ov him and i would love it so much to win the prize
24/4/2019 5:02:11 PM
Which fart is funnier?
Long and loud
Sounds like a trumpet
Silent but smelly