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Which is Chris Pratt's best character?

Which is Chris Pratt's best character?

Which is Chris Pratt's best character?
Which is Chris Pratt's best character?
Emmet Brickowski
Owen Grady


Samuel A
I now right Nayte
14/10/2020 8:38:14 PM
As much as I LOVE the MCU it has to be Owen Grady.
19/7/2020 11:41:17 AM
Steel A
i love marvel/ super hero's. so obviously star lord
28/6/2020 4:50:43 PM
Jeremy B
Emmet rules, I loved his geeky cool character sooooo much.
24/5/2020 12:19:55 PM
Patrick C
Star Lord because he's cool and loves music!!!
20/2/2020 5:16:25 PM
Jack-kenney N
Rex Dangervest
30/1/2020 8:49:24 PM
Lachlan S
star lord
16/1/2020 3:12:34 PM
Marcus E
Star-lord because Marvel is the best!
14/12/2019 11:13:52 AM
Bertie T
Star-lord definitely
24/11/2019 7:31:02 AM
Campbell D
so Emmet Brickowski! he is so funny and stuff :)
17/10/2019 6:17:36 PM
Jacob P
Yeah - definitely STAR lord ;)
15/9/2019 7:40:51 PM
OWEN Grady
29/8/2019 8:50:12 AM
Gabby G
Owen Grady oh yeah Star lord nahhh Emmet lol 😂
29/7/2019 4:56:33 PM
Luca D
STAR LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28/7/2019 2:20:37 PM
Luca L
Marvel is awsome
25/7/2019 6:21:02 PM
connor m
24/7/2019 6:39:31 PM
Coen W
Owen Grady FOREVER!!
4/7/2019 2:22:10 PM
Coen W
Owen Grady FOREVER!!
4/7/2019 2:22:07 PM
Easton A
2/7/2019 8:09:30 PM
Leroy H
I love Owen Grady he is the AWSOMEST !!!!!
28/6/2019 10:11:53 PM
Which movie are you most excited for?
Spider-Man: No Way Home
Diary of a Wimpy Kid