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K zone is awesome - Debby I love the Pranks! Do not ever remove them. They are that funny and informing. - Shaun B i like long walks in the park and donuts and more donu8ts - Rainer S I love dis mag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Xander V What should i get my little sis for her Birthday - William B shout ot to all the cool robots people typed in the box to sign the log in and sign up-Darcy KW - Darcy K I love Kzone and the mags they make - Andrew I LIKE PIZZA - JOE M Hey kzone love your Pranks - Brayden Omg you have just made my baby sis so happy by giving me the codes for Harry Potter I will just like to say thank you - Rebekka
Which is funnier?

Which is funnier?

Which is funnier?
Which is funnier?
Fart jokes
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Shaun B
13/2/2020 6:26:05 PM
ollie g
jokes are funny
17/8/2019 4:27:19 PM
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