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Which LEGO Star Wars boss is cooler?

Which LEGO Star Wars boss is cooler?

Which LEGO Star Wars boss is cooler?
Which LEGO Star Wars boss is cooler?
Darth Maul
Boba Fett
Tags:   lego star wars


Eli B
Boba Fett is cooler because he’s friends with baby Yoda in the Mandalorian.
21/11/2021 1:12:18 PM
Kurtis R
i think darth maul is cooler becuse of da double bladed lightsaber
17/11/2021 8:57:30 AM
Boba Fett is the cooler because he have the cooler jetpack in the game.
16/10/2021 5:59:30 PM
joseph t
you see darth maul is a preettyyy cool guy but when it comes in to boba fett im sitting down focused right into the boss fight i reccommend boba fett
19/9/2021 6:30:49 PM
joel g
of course
7/9/2021 5:58:56 PM
Jonah E
Bobba Fett is best!!
5/9/2021 4:48:55 PM
Yana S
Jessica G. Same but I voted a random one anyone.
5/9/2021 8:38:48 AM
Jessica G
I don't no who those to are
31/8/2021 7:04:50 PM
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