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Which would you like to visit most?

Which would you like to visit most?

Which would you like to visit most?
Which would you like to visit most?
The Moon
Tags:   space steam


Lo gravity
4/4/2021 9:07:36 AM
Mooon because the moon is not as hot
21/3/2021 11:37:27 AM
Mooon because me eat potatos cooked
21/3/2021 11:36:55 AM
Rory D
you can do the moon walk on the moon
26/2/2021 4:45:02 PM
lacie c
i would go to the moon why 2 reasons mars is still has the question and you can collect rocks
19/1/2021 1:37:06 PM
Hartley H
I would go to the moon because Mars is still under the question whether it is safe or not.
17/1/2021 1:10:48 PM
Yusef F
Mars has volcanoes and heaps of wind so that’s why you should choose the moon-vote moon 🌑 now
17/1/2021 11:41:04 AM
Thomas B
the moon because if something bad happens a rescue would be much easier
8/1/2021 4:18:30 PM
Hamish B
i would like to go to mars because it could one day host life
19/12/2020 10:42:43 AM
Hi K-zone! I love MARS, I would like to go to MARS!!!
13/12/2020 9:24:48 AM
Ramana B
Mars is more better. Because Mars is red and moon is white.
28/11/2020 5:45:34 PM
Connor R
Yeah I don't want Life on mars but I wanna go see it
28/11/2020 12:34:18 PM
I would choose "Mars" because I want to be the first Female on Mars !!!
27/11/2020 6:18:02 PM
Nate R
I love space and I'm learning about it at school
26/11/2020 7:58:27 AM
Which Fortnite skin do you prefer?
Merry Marauder
Slushy Soldier