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Best-Off With Author of Danny Best

Best-Off With Author of Danny Best

Danny Best author Jen Storer gives this quiz her best shot!

Jen Storer Danny Best

PART 1: What is BEST?

Vegemite/Peanut Butter

"Vegemite. But only in the morning. Any other time it tastes like slippery, salty, black stuff."


"Dogs! You can't trust cats."




"Can't choose! LOVE them both."

Soft Cheese/Hard Cheese

"Soft. Mmmmm."


"Me, on either? You're kidding, right?"


"One of my biggest fears is having to wear a hat in public. They make me look RIDICULOUS. When my kids need a laugh they ask me to put on a hat. It's humiliating."

PART 2: Complete these sentences as BEST you can!

I was going to do my homework but... "I couldn't find it."
I was going to clean my room but... "It's not dirty."
I was going to walk/feed the dog but... "I couldn't find it."
I was on my way to school but... "I couldn't find it."

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