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Coming Soon: Next Space Rebels

Coming Soon: Next Space Rebels

Rocket to one of the best places, outer space, as Next Space Rebels put you through the paces of acing this latest space race! Available On: PC, SWITCH, XBO


Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie are beloved space-based Rebels. But the next space rebels in Next Space Rebels include you! Your launchpad start isn’t particularly spaceship savvy. But bury into those blueprints. Then get lost in explosive experimentation. It’s totes cool if your first rockets don’t really rock. The more parts you lift off ticking-off challenges, the radder your rockets become. Soon you’re rocketing towards launching fully functioning flyers. But rocking at rockets is half the gig. You also wanna rocket up those StarTube channel numbers. So record your craziest creations. There’s a cast of outta-this-world characters to cheer you on in the campaign. Then get lost in the space of Freeplay mode. Stack a teddy, doll and toy robot together to see if it launches higher than your laughs. Chuck on a bike wheel. Cram in some cans. Then see if you can make this eyesore soar to a place where it’s a sight for sore eyes!


Hi K zone in your comics can you make a new video game Mario party plus bouncers fury
22/12/2021 11:04:43 AM
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