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Shout out to LEGO enthusiasts everywhere, especially my mate Tommy! - Hayden B I love k-zone so much, my favourite thing is the pranks! - Micah B HELLO K-ZONE YOUR AWESOME - Alastair B I LOVE LEGO LEGENDS OF CHIMA! WHYYY DID IT HAVE TO END!?! WHYYY!?!?! But at least they have Ninjago, which is waaaay better! But now that’s ending too! Whyyy!?!?! - Jehanzeb K i won a scooter i love you k zone thanks so much i've been reading these for years now - Jacob R you da boiz and gurlzzzzz !!! - Jacob R Aaaaaaaa - Ngân Hi all K-zoners - Leo D K-Zone rocks!!! Its the best magazine ever :) - Jacob P I LIKE POTATOES - Max