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K-Zone Chats With The Cast of Rugrats

K-Zone Chats With The Cast of Rugrats

K-Zone caught up with the cast of Rugrats, streaming now on Paramount+! Want to read more? Grab the September 2021 issue, on sale now!

KZ: Hi E.G. Daily (AKA Tommy), Nancy Cartwright (AKA Chuckie), Cheryl Chase (AKA Angelica), Cree Summer (AKA Susie), and Kath Soucie (AKA Phil and Lil)! Have you ever been recognised in public after someone heard your voice?

CS: Oh, wow, I was recognised in an emergency room once. Very awkward – I was doubled over with something going on with my stomach. There were two women sitting across from me, who I thought were very concerned with my pain. Actually, they wanted to talk to me because I was Susie!

NC: For me, I have never been recognized as a voice of Chuckie. He sounds so vastly different. In fact, even for the other characters that I do on other shiws, I think it's one of the one of the perks of being a voiceover person. First of all, the stars of the show are the characters. It's not the actors behind the characters, it's the characters themselves. There's an anonymity factor So we can go anywhere and nobody knows knows who we are. You get the perks, like gift baskets, jackets, all the bling, and swag and all that stuff that comes with being the star of the show, but without paparazzi and intrusion.

KS: Well, my own voice is not like either Phil or Lil, so I'm rarely ever recognised. I do remember being in Santa Cruz in a movie theatre with my god -kids, and the usher recognised me. That was a big deal. As voice actors, we are very much behind the scenes, which is what I personally love. So I felt very fancy that day, in front of all my god-kids. But I will say there have been plenty of times when I've been in a store, back in the day in particular, where there'd be a Rugrats backpack on a kid, or a T-shirt, and I’ve been kind of tempted to tell them!

EGD: I always tell this story because it was really funny; I was in an elevator with a bunch of boys, like teen boys that were too cool for school. One of the kids was standing by the buttons, so suddenly, I went ‘Can you push that number!’ in Tommy’s voice. They all just freaked out and started giggling and lost all their cool.

CC: Once, I was walking down the stairs of a college university and a young student ran up to me and said, ‘Are you Angelica from Rugrats?’ I said, ‘That's the first time I've ever been like flat out discovered for my voice’, because people always say, ‘You know, you sound really familiar. I can't place you!’

Want to read more? Grab the September 2021 issue, on sale now!


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