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Kids Decorate City of Sydney for Year of the Tiger

Kids Decorate City of Sydney for Year of the Tiger

Meet Katie, one of the six winning artists with art chosen for the City of Sydney’s Year of the Tiger Celebrations! The winning art was selected to appear on street banners, bus shelters, billboards and more as part of the Sydney Lunar Festival 2022 from January 29 to February 13!

KZ: Hi Katie! Congratulations on being chosen as a winner! How did you find out about the competition, and why did you decide to enter?

K: Thank you so much. It was such an amazing opportunity and I can’t believe I won. It all started during the lockdown time - my mum found out about this competition on Facebook and asked me if I want to enter. I said yes because I had lots of free time at home and I love animals and drawing. I decided I wanted to create a very happy tiger that makes people dance and cheer up in a New Year. 

KZ: What did you draw, and why did you want to include it in your entry for the Year of the Tiger celebrations?

K: A happy dancing tiger showing the International Sign Language for ‘dance’, like BTS did in their song, ‘Permission to Dance’. Even though we speak different languages and there are people who cannot hear anything, we can all remember this simple sign and dance together. I wish all the people around the world the chance to dance and enjoy their life again with family, friends and neighbours in 2022, the Year of Tiger.

KZ: What inspired you to reference the International Sign for ‘dance’ seen in ‘Permission to Danceby BTS?

K: I was watching the news every day for COVID-19 updates during the lockdown, and I saw the person doing sign language next to the Prime Minister. I wanted to know more about sign language. My parents explained about it and showed me the ‘Permission to Dance’ music video. I thought it was awesome and easy to remember. I like how it can bring everyone together and could be meaningful for so many people, so I brought it into my drawing. My favourite BTS song used to be ‘Dynamite’, but now ‘Butter’ is. I did practice this dance move and also learned International Sign Language for ‘enjoy’ and ‘peace’, from their ‘Permission to Dance’ music video.

KZ: As a winning artist, you also received a $150 arts and craft gift card! What do you want to use it for?

K: I’m hoping to get some things for sewing and needlework because I really want to learn how to do stitches and embroidery or weaving.

KZ: Do you have any future plans for your art and creative work?

K: I will keep doing art works and wish to learn things like pottery and weaving. I will also challenge myself to create my own picture book.

Want to read more of our interview with Katie? Grab the February 2022 issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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