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Make The Ultimate Paper Plane!

Make The Ultimate Paper Plane!

Suss 10 tips from the pros!

James Norton and Dylan Parker are the paper plane pros that helped on the movie Paper Planes (in cinemas January 15). They shared 10 awesome tips with us!

  1. Start simple. Master a basic design first!
  2. Be persistent! If it doesn’t fly the first time, work out why.
  3. Some say that running a blank piece of paper through a photocopier makes a better plane! Something about it being warm?
  4. If you lose your plane up a tree (or ANYWHERE), don’t worry! Make another one…or 1,000.
  5. Prove your plane is awesome! Challenge a mate to a fly off!
  6. Study stuff that glides! From tiny pollen spores that fall from trees to giant whales that glide through the water. Get inspired by nature!
  7. Mistakes are GREAT! A plane that waddles, flaps or makes funny noises is unique, and that rules!
  8. In profesh paper planeing GSM (grams per square metre) is used to measure the weight of your paper. If you’re flying your plane outdoors, you’ll need a heavier GSM. And indoors? A GSM between 75-90 works well.
  9. Use your old paper planes to decorate your room! Pop them in vases like flowers!
  10. Practice! Practice! Practice! A pro paper planer would make 300+ planes a year! That’s almost one a day!

Paper plane movie

​Paper Planes​ is flying into cinemas January 15.

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