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Marvel's Avengers Is Out Today

Marvel's Avengers Is Out Today

Marvel’s Avengers is here! Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC

We’re all massive Marvel fans at K-Zone. Obvs. And we’re sure stacks of you cool K-Zoners are. Crystal Dynamics, devs of Marvel’s Avengers, are def huuuge devotees. That’s probably why they wrote a superheroic fangirl into Marvel’s Avengers. Kamala Khan is a kinda new, totes awesome superhero. In Marvel’s Avengers, she’s one of the Avengers’ biggest fans. Speaking of big, that’s one of her powers. She can stretch to huuuge heights or extend for long-range punches. Marvel’s Avengers reimagines her origin story. And cool Kamala will also be reassembling Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Plus, her teenage detective work digs up an epic conspiracy. In this marvellous game world, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) has replaced outlawed supes with robo-duds. Your first AIM to assembling Avengers and fighting AIM is building a base. Good thing someone left a hulking Helicarrier sitting around! The more missions you beat (then beat again for rad gear). The more this rundown Helicarrier becomes an ever-upgrading home.


There have been four versions of Ms Marvel and nine versions of Captain Marvel. Kamala Khan is the fourth and latest Ms Marvel. Carol Danvers was the original Ms Marvel, and the others were Sharon Ventura (a stunt performer turned volunteer hero) and Karla Sofen (a baddie turned temporary Ms Marvel). So. Much. Marvel!

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