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Thanks for the Textas bag and I love the spin strikers, k-zone is awesome. - Jacob D Best magazine ever. better then any magazine ever # Kzone - Ben C Hi k-zone i started collecting k-zone 2 years ago and I love IT!!! - Stuart T Shout out to Michael and Xavier from st Catherine’s - Angas T Me need gaming accessories ps4 pack from K-ZONE - Angas T Hey K-zone wishing all fellow K-Zone gamers an awesome Christmas 😎 - Hunter W Hi K-zone, I always loved reading the tricks and cheats of games a few years ago, it was amazing, now I don’t use cheats but still like reading what weird and wacky things you can do with them. - Jack S K Zone is da bomb -Alex - Alexander B Merry Xmas to all K-Zoner's out there... - dylan b Minecraft is better then fortnite - Tyler g