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Meet Georgia Wareham, Aussie Cricketer

Meet Georgia Wareham, Aussie Cricketer

Catch the rebel Women’s Big Bash League action on Channel 7, Kayo and Foxtel, or head to a game! For more info, visit!

KZ: Hi Georgia! Which team are you most looking forward to playing in the 2020/21 international cricket season?

G: New Zealand are always tough competition, they’ve got some world-class players but we’re up for the challenge!

KZ: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

G: Winning the T20 World Cup this year in front of so many people, a few being my close family and friends.

KZ: If you could invent three weird rules for WBBL, what would they be?

G: Can’t go out first ball, double runs straight down the ground, and extra fielder out on the boundary!

KZ: Do you have any unusual skills or talents that might surprise K-Zoners?

G: I’m pretty decent at making coffee, but I’m still working on my latte art.

KZ: Can you share your favourite joke with K-Zoners?

G: What do you call boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick!

KZ: What is the hardest part of your job, and the best part?

G: Worst part would without a doubt be the early morning training sessions. I’m definitely not a morning person. Best part would be the people I get to meet and hang out with every day. I’ve made most of my really good friends through cricket.

KZ: If you could add a fictional character to the Australian team, who would you choose?

G: Captain Marvel, for sure! Assuming she would be very strong and fast and be able to hit loads of sixes.


Trip on nothing: Me – I tend to be a bit clumsy.

Pull a prank: Megan Schutt!

Have a terrible memory: Annabel Sutherland!

Secretly play an instrument: Ellyse Perry carries around a harmonica, but never plays it.

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