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Meet Kayne Tremills from Oh Yuck

Meet Kayne Tremills from Oh Yuck

Kayne Tremills plays Dr. Septico Yuck in Oh Yuck, streaming now on Netflix Australia and New Zealand!

KZ: Hi Kayne! Do you have any unusual hobbies or talents that would surprise K-Zoners?

K: Well it’s not really that unusual, but I play drums and Djembe and during filming whenever we were off set myself and a few of the cast and crew would play music during our lunch breaks - such a great way to re-energise before we had to head back on set!

KZ: Can you share any behind the scenes secrets?

K: I can tell you sadly, I have never met the evil Seamus and Doolan O’Clean brothers (The Umbilical Brothers). They shot everything in Australia and the rest of us shot the show in Canada.

KZ: In the Arachnattack! episode, we see that Pristine is slightly arachnophobic! Is there anything that’s always guaranteed to scare you?

K: Well, spiders I’m OK with now, after travelling all around Australia on a show called Bushwhacked! Safe to say animals I’m pretty okay with, but if I had to ‘fess up and tell you what scares me I’d have to say... Ghosts! I know for Septico, his biggest fear of all is rats!

KZ: Can you share your grossest joke with our readers?

L: I don’t know many jokes, but I can give you some facts; scientists have just discovered that diarrhea is hereditary… It runs in your jeans!

KZ: Should K-Zoners look out for any Easter eggs or special details on the set?

K: Watch out for ‘Cuddles’ the very odd alien like octopus/elephant trunk - probably wins the prize for weirdest character on the show!

KZ: Were there any pranks pulled on set or behind the scenes?

K: We filmed 26 episodes in a short space of time which meant working some long hours at times. Septico happened to have a favourite, very comfortable, cosy reclining chair... It was said the chair was cursed because anyone who would sit in it, would fall straight to sleep… We have many photos of people falling prey to the cursed couch.

KZ: Dr. Septico Yuck loves investigating gross things in his Yuck lab! Did anything stand out as the grossest scene or fact for you personally?

K: All I can say is wait until you watch the episode about parasites... It’s disgusting!

Read more of our interview with Kayne in the February 2021 issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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