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Ninja Warrior Tips With Charlie Robbins

Ninja Warrior Tips With Charlie Robbins

Charlie Robbins won Australia Ninja Warrior in 2019 and grabbed second place in 2020 - with one second difference in the Grand Final! We chat to the legendary warrior about conquering Mt Midoriyama and going for gold in 2021!

KZ: Hi Charlie! What is the best thing about being on Australian Ninja Warrior?

C: Meeting and hanging out with a bunch of really cool and fun people, as well as taking on a super fun obstacle course that not many people get to try.

KZ: You’re also known for being a great golfer. Are there any golf skills that come in handy for Australian Ninja Warrior?

C: Golf helps with the mental side of taking on the course, being used to doing this on my own and not having a team to rely on like many other sports

KZ: If you could add a fun new challenge to the course, what would it be and what would you call it?

C: I’d would design the final obstacle so in order to finish the course, you have to chip a golf ball into a hole. If you miss, you have to do the whole course again. Hopefully that would give me a better chance at winning! I think I would call it ‘Better Luck Next Time’.

KZ: Where is the most unusual place you have been recognised?

C: I was recognised a few times when I went to Europe after Season 3 aired, which I definitely wasn’t expecting.

KZ: What advice would you give to K-Zoners who want to be on Australian Ninja Warrior?

C: Make training fun because then you are more likely to keep doing it. Try to find a ninja gym to get used to some of the obstacles. Getting into gymnastics and rock climbing to learn body control and strength will help heaps as well!

Australian Ninja Warrior airs Sunday to Tuesday on Nine!

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