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Playing Now: Farming Simulator 22

Playing Now: Farming Simulator 22

Dig into this fully featured farmyard of a next-level gardening sim that wants you to become the top cropper in Farming Simulator 22! Available On: PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, PC

Oh, hay there, K-Zoners! Today is the day we convert K-Zoners to better-than-just ’K-farmers in Farming Simulator 22. So before you can sow, spruce up your playable farmer. Pick the land you wanna beet, uh, beat. Now get farmin’. We reckon you should start with the rad off-road rides. Like, track down a tractor. Get a load of a front-end loader. Then combo those with a combine harvester. Or other larger-than-toys Tonka trucks. There’s chill satisfaction to be found in running circles around crop collection. Or pulling crop doughies in a tractor. Outta fuel? Gas on over to a servo and pump back to full. But there’s more to do than just putting the ‘culture’ into ‘agriculture’. Like, get moo-ving with legendary dairy critters. Then log in to some forest loggin’. If you’ve ever dreamed or done it on a farm, you can do it in Farming Simulator 22.


Plant the difficulty on easy when you start out in Farming Simulator 22. This is a deep, deep sim, so it’s totes understandable if you initially feel out of your depth! Pay close attention to the helpful hints. And if you’re lost, go to the menu and trawl through hints to help get unstuck.

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