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Playing Now: Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

Playing Now: Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel at this far-from-shipshape spaceship crew of ragtag legends as you speed across the galaxy to save it from your stuff-up! This game is for older K-Zoners and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSS/X


The same delightful devs that built Marvel’s Avengers are getting the gang together for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. No core-crew roster rotation here. Group up with Groot and Gamora. Rock it with Rocket. Dive into intergalactic depths with Drax. And, obvs, Star-Lord is the playable star. Lead your outlandish crew of oddballs to right the wrongs of the catastrophe that you totes accidentally kicked off. Whoops! Swing along to Star-Lord’s rockin’ rock-’n’-roll tunes as you trek between epic planetary places. This mighty mob of misfits is on a multi-world wild ride packed with familiar and new Marvel mates. But some are less matey, mateys. So use Peter Quill’s Element Blasters and jet-boot dropkicks to tame tricky threats. Plus, tag in teammates to lend a fist in a punchy pinch. Their Team Huddle specials are wildly wonderful. But when the Guardians aren’t playing nice, side with your faves for unexpected twists.


Zach B
I am the biggest marvel fan and Guardians of the galaxy is my fav movie so I really want this game. Peter quill is so funny and I love Groot.
2/1/2022 3:08:50 PM
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