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Playing Now: Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Playing Now: Marvel’s Iron Man VR

This virtual reality Iron Man game is so good you’ll feel like you’re still Tony Stark once you step out of the high-tech suit! This game is For Older K-Zoners. Available On: PSVR for PS4

Marvel Cinematic Universe Tony Stark learnt to play nice with others. But the playable Tony in Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a one-man show pony in this all-new comic-inspired adventure. Marvel’s Iron Man VR puts you in Tony’s armoured boots. You get to see, hear, and feel what it’s like to be the solid-suited superhero. Pull on your PSVR helmet. Prep your PS Move repulsor controllers. And get ready to take the ultimate Iron Man ride. Snap your Move controllers to your thighs with palms back to fly. Jump into flight, then get ready to fight. Come across a droning-on combat drone trying to get up in your mask? Blast it to itsy-bitsy pieces by using your arms to point and zap. Remember, you’re Iron Man, not Titanium Man. You can only soak up so much damage! To fix this and upgrade other suit essentials, use Tony’s garage to upgrade your personalised Iron Man armour.


Remember: You need PSVR and Move controllers to become Iron Man! It’s a ton of fun to fly in with both repulsors blasting, but there’s a good chance you’ll quickly overheat and have to wait to blast! Switch between left and right to overcome overheating. This way you can keep one cool at all times to bring the heat.

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