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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Cheats

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Cheats

Add some extra shine and a whole lot more brilliance to your epic play-through of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! Available On: SWITCH


Wanna nab Mystery Gifts? Get ’em by scoring the third gym badge. Or you can stack them sooner – head to the Jubilife TV building, scoot up to level three, then chat with a TV producer who’s yacking about their fave show. Select ‘Everyone happy Wi-Fi connection’ to get gifted!


Tap into this rad endgame content. Like, nabbing charms. Score the Catching Charm by seeing every Pokémon in the Sinnoh Dex, or the Oval Charm for besting Morimoto in battle. Plus, the Shiny Charm for catching every Pokémon in the National Dex. Beat these feats to add the National Certificate and Sinnoh Certificate!


Pokémon Boxes are handy for stacking Pokémon not in your party. Get up to 40 and each holds 1,200 Pokémon! You only start with 18 boxes. Have at least one Pokémon in all 18 boxes when you log out, more will be added. Repeat the Pokémon-stacking trick to unlock all 40.

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