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Pranks: March 2011

Pranks: March 2011

Quick, easy and super sneaky... These months pranks will crack you up!

These ripper 'rent pranks will have ROFL! Be careful, K-Zone is not responsible for any pocket money suspensions or groundings!

If you get home before your parents, grab the mail and stash it in your backpack. Then, stick a note in the letterbox that says, 'No mail today. The postman ate it.' Wait for your parents' funny reaction!

Get an accomplice to take your dog for a walk. When your folks ask where the pooch is, tell them that you've swapped the family pet for your mate's Bakugan collection. They'll freak!

Just before you head out in public, secretly cover your hands in flour. Then, pat one of your family members on the back! See how long it takes them to realise why people are staring!

"Just before someone uses the computer, get a sticky note and fix it to the bottom of the mouse where the ball is. When your victim goes to use the mouse, they won't be able to figure out why it won't move! Write 'Gotcha!' on the sticky note to make them more angry when they realise they've just been pranked!"
- Danny, 11


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