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Hey, K-Zone Team! Love the work and can't wait for the new issue! I hope I will be able to win a couple of prizes from last months draw (especially the HP house one)! Keep up the GREAT work! - Nick S Awesome mags I will be reading them for ever - Eden M to k zone you're the best - Charlie I love k-zone and inflation - ben Khomeini is just overall the GOAT - Oly Hello peeps 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 - Lewis M I LOVE K-ZONE XD XD XD XD XD - zay he lent me his book for a week - Isaac G Hello - Hello reeeee - Ben C


i have it :}
25/3/2021 6:54:27 PM
Good Job Guys I Love Your K-zone magazines
21/3/2021 2:24:47 AM
Jeremy B
Omg, can’t wait to read this issue. I’m going to buy it today, yay.
15/3/2021 9:48:45 AM
Who's your fave 'toon duo'?
Gumball & Darwin
SpongeBob & Patrick
Hiro & Baymax
Finn & Jake
Mordecai & Rigby