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The Inbestigators: Meet Anna, AKA Maudie

The Inbestigators: Meet Anna, AKA Maudie

Anna plays the talented and curious Maudie in The Inbestigators! The Inbestigators is streaming now on Netflix and ABC iview!

KZ: Hey Anna! How did you first learn about The Inbestigators?

A: I first learned about the show in the school newsletter! I had never done acting before so it was a totally new thing. I decided to send in a photo to see what would happen. I found out that I got the part while I was in a maths class! I whispered to my friend Ella next to me and then kind of kept it in until the end of class. I was shocked, excited and totally freaked out!

KZ: Maudie is a very observant person, and talented at solving puzzles. What would you say is your greatest talent – other than acting?

A: I am similar to Maudie in some ways but totally opposite in others. I am not so great at puzzles, but I am much better at reading people than she is. I don’t really think I have any special talents, however I love cooking with my friends and inventing new smoothie flavours plus I make really good scones.

KZ: What’s the biggest mystery you’ve ever solved?

A: One year my friend Zahara had an awesome birthday party; it was a huge scavenger hunt. We ran around the local houses and streets hunting for clues and hidden chocolate frogs. It was great fun.

KZ: What’s the biggest mystery you’ve never solved?

A: AFL football. I am a life-long Tigers supporter and I still struggle with the rules.  I go to the games but it’s a mystery. Go Tigers!

KZ: Did you learn any new skills or facts for The Inbestigators?

A: Maudie and I are quite alike so I didn’t really have to learn any new skills. I loved her clothes and picked up lots of new ideas. I love searching through op shops for quirky new outfits.

KZ: Who laughed the most during takes?

A: We all laughed every day. When one of us started laughing it would set all of us off giggling, especially Abby who plays Ava with her amazing contagious laugh. The funniest person on set was Wayne Hope (one of the creators of the show) he would pull silly faces and mess about making us all crack up.

KZ: What was the funniest thing that happened on set, or behind the scenes?

A: It was probably seeing all the crazy outfits Jamil, who plays Kyle, would have to wear – no spoilers - but look out for the turkey outfit!

KZ: What has been the best part of being on the show, and the hardest part?

A: The best thing was being part of the big crew of people making the show. I loved making new friends and getting to hang out with lots of really cool, nice people. The hardest part was the end. It was so sad to finish filming and say goodbye to everyone.

KZ: Do you have any hobbies or skills that K-Zoners would be surprised to hear about?

A: I love horse riding and everything to do with horses, I don’t own a horse but I spend lots of my free time learning, reading and dreaming about horses.

KZ: Do you have a tip for remembering your lines that you can share with K-Zoners?

A: Don’t expect other people to do it for you. Just find out what works for you and do it.

KZ: What advice do you have for K-Zoners who want to act in a show?

A: Don’t feel that you need to have lots of lessons or take fancy photos. Look around and find a part that is what you want to do. Don’t give up and take a chance even if it feels scary.

Are you watching The Inbestigators? What's the greatest mystery you've ever solved? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jordan S
i love this show!!
21/4/2022 6:10:22 PM
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