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Tokyo Games: Kaarle McCulloch

Tokyo Games: Kaarle McCulloch

Kaarle McCulloch is an Australian professional track cyclist heading to the Tokyo Olympic Games! The Tokyo Olympic Games will be held from July 23 to August 8 2021!

KZ: Hey Kaarle! Do you have any pre-competition traditions that help you focus?

K: I find it really helpful to focus on my breathing because I always feel quite nervous!  My heart feels like it is beating so hard and fast!  When I focus on my breathing, I can calm myself down!

KZ: When you were a child, did you have any hobbies that gave you useful skills for ?

K: I played every sport that I could when I was at school!  I loved to have days off to go play sport with my friends!  I think the sports that I wasn’t very good at taught me to work hard and try and improve and that’s my best quality now!  I am always trying to be better!

KZ: Other than cycling, is there a skill you have that deserves a gold medal?

K: Sleeping on the plane! I am normally the first person asleep before the plane even takes off!

To read more of our interview with Kaarle and more athletes heading to the Tokyo Games, grab the August 2021 Sports Jam issue, on sale now!

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