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Up And Away: Is This The Best Cubby House Ever?

Up And Away: Is This The Best Cubby House Ever?

Aussie Scott Fincher built the ultimate cubby house for his son, Leo, and we definitely want one too. Check out the miniature (yet still mega) version of Carl and Ellie's house from Disney Pixar's Up!

KZ: Hi Scott! How many times have you watched Up?

S: Probably over 20 times now. I’ve lost count. I like Carl, the old man. I like his loyalty and dedication to take the house to Paradise Falls, and that he skipped going to the retirement village – which is what I want to do when I am older... skip that!

KZ: Have you built big projects before, or was this a new experience?

S: I have built big projects like our wooden decking and steps off the back of our home and even furniture. However, the cubby is basically a mini version of a real house using the same construction processes and so this was a new experience. I had to learn custom designing and making the attic trusses, cutting and installing Colourbond metal roofing, and compound cutting fibro cement planks that are used as the exterior weatherboard panels! The hardest part of the process was definitely the roofing – only three of the sheets don’t have some sort of cut in them.

KZ: Did anyone else help with the building process?

S: Only a little with some of the fibro cement planks – the long ones are heavy and cumbersome for one person. Leo also did help with painting white undercoat on the exterior.

KZ: Do you have any plans to build anything else?

S: Yes, but not another cubby yet. I will be building a simple gazebo on the top level of our back yard.

KZ: What is the number one question people ask you about the house when they see it?

S: They love the bright colours. That catches their attention.

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