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Weird Gifts and Losing Shadows with Rock Island Mysteries Cast

Weird Gifts and Losing Shadows with Rock Island Mysteries Cast

K-Zone chats to Izellah Connelly, Inessa Tan, and Ryan Yeates, stars of Rock Island Mysteries on Nickelodeon! Want to read our interview with Alexa Curtis and Noah Akhigbe from the show? Grab the July 'Rise Up' issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

KZ: The show begins with Taylor receiving a mysterious gift from her missing uncle, which starts a series of adventures on the island. What is the best or strangest gift you have ever received?

IC: The strangest gift I have ever received was when I was 12 and got a little kid's kitchen set from secret Santa at a family gathering… I was so confused but pretended I loved it…Turns out they got mixed up and it was for one of the toddlers!

IT: The best gift I have ever received is definitely the time that my mum secretly invited a bunch of my closest friends to my birthday party, which I thought was just going to be family. Little did I know while I was getting ready in my room, one of them was hiding in the laundry room and then my parents drove us in separate cars so I wouldn’t know. I was very suspicious at the time, but I didn’t really think anything of it until we arrived to the party place and my best friend opened the door for me. That has got to be the best surprise gift I’ve ever received so far.

RY: The best gift I ever received? It’s a toss-up between my Xbox and Guitars. The strangest gift I ever got was a Toy Helicopter which sang ‘Wing Wiggling’ over and over.  I actually did spend many hours playing with it which I am sure drove my parents crazy. I was only four years old at the time.

KZ: If you were thrown into the mysteries of Rock Island as yourself, what personal skill or talent would you bring that might be useful in solving a mystery or escaping danger? Do you have any unusual skills or abilities that might surprise K-Zoners?

IC: I used to do a bit of taekwondo as my mum was a blackbelt in the sport, so maybe I could try whipping some of those skills out…or not. Let’s just say I wasn’t too great at it.

IT: I do love going to escape rooms and solving riddles, so I believe I can find unusual solutions, or think outside the box. I can cook from scratch, but I can’t hunt. So, I’ll turn into vegetarian… I think my best skill is my knowledge and ability to deduce and think things through in depth.

RY: You may not know that I am an Irish Dancer. So, if I was thrown into the type of crazy situations that happen on our adventures I would use my strong dancing legs to mesmerize and hypnotize my way out of danger. Either that or I would just run away – very fast!

KZ: What advice would you give to K-Zoners who want to act?

IC: Something I thought was really helpful to know growing up acting was, that opportunities present themselves at different times for different people, and the right opportunities will present themselves to you at some point. We start comparing ourselves to others far too often, especially when we believe they are 'having success' more than we are. This could not be further from the reality!

IT: When you decide to be an actor, you take on somebody else’s life. This may seem easy but something very important is analysing and understanding your character and bringing them to life with your own little spark. Do your homework! The best advice I would give to any K-Zoners who would like to start acting is the importance of RESILIENCE. The industry is a tough nut to crack and your first experience will always be the hardest. Being with new people every day and working with so many departments can be overwhelming, but you have just got to pull through. And always remember… be kind! To people around you, and especially yourself. You may find yourself in a difficult situation, but never doubt yourself for a second! You are worth it and everything happens for a reason… no matter how cliché that sounds.

RY: I believe that acting is all about trusting your instincts and making discoveries about your character through the scene. Luckily with Ellis his personality gave me a whole range of wacky acting choices to make when going on our exciting and wild adventures.

KZ: Izellah, your character Lila is passionate about filming her life on the island for her vlog channel, ‘Island Life’. Is there an activity or hobby you think would make a good vlog or video?

IC: I love playing the drums, guitar, doing acrobatics and dance! Like Lila, I pick up my phone and make a funny vlog or video of these for fun. I even have my own ‘cooking channel’ on Tik Tok with my friends making silly failed cooking videos,

KZ: Inessa, your character Meesha seems to be very athletic and great at physical challenges. Who in the cast would win in an arm-wrestling battle, and a 100m sprint?

IT: Not me! That’s for sure! Ha! Meesha is the complete opposite from Inessa. If we were to start arm-wrestling, I think Noah would be physically the strongest. But in a 100m sprint Izellah would be competing for the champion title. I don’t know who would win, but I’d be backing Izellah – GIRL POWER! She is truly a pocket rocket!

KZ: Ryan, your character Ellis is afraid of almost everything, including spoons. Do you have any fears, or strong dislikes that would make you react like Ellis?

RY: I have a strong dislike of cheese. Strange I know, but the smell and texture just turns my stomach. A great fear of mine is spiders which I am sure is not uncommon. Everything from their beady eyes to their eight hairy legs running at me fast. They really freak me out.



IC: I would rather eat my least favourite food! Then maybe I would actually eat my greens… Oops.

IT: You want me to give up my favourite foods for a week? Take my shadow.

RY: Well, I would obviously have to lose my shadow for a year because eating cheese for an entire week… ugh! I would actually lose my mind AND my stomach!


IC: I would love to swap brains with a friend for a week! How fun would that be getting to step into someone else’s shoes for a while and see how they view the world.

IT: Definitely swap brains. I wonder what goes through their heads sometimes haha

RY: I think swapping brains with a friend would be awesome! You get to walk around and live life through their eyes and could you imagine saying hello to your own body? At least I could see what it’s like to be a bit taller!


IC: Oh, I would definitely turn into a baby for a day! I mean how fun and relaxing would that be – with everyone doing everything for you!?

IT: I mean… Meesha did turn into a baby for a few hours, so I think Inessa would like that too.

RY: I would love to turn into a baby for a day because walking in shoes filled with slime would remind me too much of the texture of melted cheese!

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Want to read our interview with Alexa Curtis and Noah Akhigbe from Rock Island Mysteries? Grab the July 'Rise Up' issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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