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WWE: Meet The Untamed

WWE: Meet The Untamed

Former Aussie NRL player, Daniel Vidot is rising up the ranks in WWE! Now living in the US, Daniel recently travelled back to Australia and K-Zone caught up with the Superstar, known as The Untamed!

KZ: Hi Daniel! How did you go from NRL to WWE?

D: I was scouted from the field and now I’m in the ring. It was a very left field thing, but I’ve always been that kind of out of the box person. It moulded really well. I’ve always liked entertainment and I’ve always liked sport. What do you get when you put sport and entertainment together? You get WWE, so that's something I took with both hands.

KZ: What WWE Superstar training would K-Zoners be surprised to hear about?

D: Lots of rolling. Learning how to roll. Learning how to fall without hurting yourself. That’s one of the main things about wrestling – you have to learn how to get around the ring without hurting yourself, because there is a lot of room for error. Also slipping – learning how to slip.

KZ: Apart from being signed, what has been the most memorable moment of your WWE career so far?

D: Probably wrestling at WrestleMania Axxess. Before WrestleMania they have an access show. They have a lot of people walking through an exhibition centre and I got to wrestle within six months so that's probably one of the fastest that anyone's ever done something like that, so I hold a record for that. It’s pretty cool.

KZ: Awesome! Have there been any WWE Superstars that have surprised you when you met them in real life?

D: Big Show – he was even bigger than you think. He is a massive man. He’s bigger than the fridge I’ve got at home! He really surprised me; I didn’t know that he was that big. It’s crazy to know that there's someone like that living on the earth.

KZ: We’ve seen WWE Superstars like The Rock, John Cena and Dave Bautista become mega movie stars. Is that something that interests you?

D: It's definitely something that interests me. Growing up and being at school I used to be in a lot of plays. I’ve even done some musicals. I used to be the lead role, so acting was something that I always liked. I’m just going to have to see where that takes me at the end of my career. We’ll see what happens.

KZ: We hear you’re a big Harry Potter fan! Which book or movie is your favourite?

D: Definitely Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I like Diagon Alley when he's getting his wands. It reminds me of going back to school when I was young and getting all the stationery. It’s just cool.

KZ: Who is your favourite superhero?

D: My favourite superhero would probably have to be Iron Man. He's just everything, He's smart, he’s funny, he's a larger than life personality. He’s got all the gadgets.

KZ: Great choice! What do you miss most about Australia?

D: The thing I probably miss most about Australia is chicken salt. That’s my favourite and they have no idea what chicken salt is over in the USA.

KZ: If you weren’t in the WWE or NRL, what would you do?

D: I think I would be working with troubled youth. That’s something I’ve always been passionate about.

Check out more of our chat with The Untamed in the January issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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