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Meet Logan Martin, Aussie BMX Champ

Meet Logan Martin, Aussie BMX Champ

I asked the Aussie BMX rider the big questions!

Name: Logan Martin
Age: 25
Disciplines: BMX Dirt and Freestyle
Recent Achievements: Winning two gold medals at the 2019 Summer X Games in minneapolis on August 3 2019! Logan nabbed medals in BMX Park and the BMX Dirt event, scoring 94.66 points on his third and final run!

KZ: Hey Logan! How much time do you spend training or on a bike?

L: I will usually ride my bike around six days a week, and an average of three hours each time I ride. I also go to a functional/high intensity training gym 4-5 times a week. Being on a bike varies, depending on how my body feels. If my muscles are really sore and I need a break, I will take a day off. I rarely have two days off in a row, unless I’m nursing an injury.

Logan with his two X Games gold medals on August 3, and competing in BMX Park!

KZ: What is the hardest part of your job, and the best?

L: Hardest part is dealing with injuries. It is never fun when you have an injury and have to have time off – it does take a toll on the body. I definitely enjoy seeing all the hard work I put in at home pay off, like training at the gym, riding most days and eating healthy, after winning a contest or achieving goals I’ve set for myself. It really is a very satisfying feeling.

KZ: Did you do any other activities as a child that provided skills that help in BMX?

L: I believe I’ve always had heart in anything I’ve done. I played rugby league for about eight years of my childhood and I remember just giving it 100% every time I went to training or played an actual game. That mindset transferred to BMX as I wanted to be good at this sport too. I always gave 100% whether I was practicing or in competition.

Logan competing in BMX Dirt on August 3!

KZ: Why did you recently build a BMX park in your backyard?

L: I’ve wanted to build a park in my backyard for so long, after years of not having a proper place to practise big tricks and keep improving. In 2015, an indoor skate park near my house called GC Compound closed down. I struggled to progress and learn new tricks. The only thing I could do was ride the local skate parks and perfect the tricks I’d previously learned at that indoor facility. Now, I have a place to progress and learn new tricks again because I built big ramps to replicate international competition sizes.

Want to read more of our interview with Logan, or just want more extreme sports and stunts? Grab the September issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

Can you do any neat stunts or tricks with your bike, scooter or skateboard? Let me know in the comments below!

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