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K- zone is god tier also how do they have all these prizes? rlly gud - Zac O Uwu this is great - Val K-ZONE IS DA BOMB I LOVE IT SO MUCH I HAVE ALL THE MAG SINCE 2 YEARS AGO - theodore XD :) - Rory I love your issues! - Finn H Kzone is aaawwweeessooommee - Myles D hi - koby h I haven’t won yet😓 - Mia K-Zone keep making awesome magazines as you always have - Gethin J I LOVE YOUR MAGS THEY ARE FIRE! Keep up the best work guys! - Benjamin S

Nath At Nitro Circus

What a cool start to May… see what I did there? I said cool and it cold, get it, lol! I met Sheppard, the guys from Nitro Circus, learnt rhythmic gymnastics and more!

Hello my K-Zone friends!
What a cool start to May… see what I did there? I said cool and it cold, get it, lol!
Anyway what a jam-packed month I have for you, and what better way to start it then with the circus... but I’m not talking about your typical circus! I meet up with Ryan and Chris from the Nitro Circus, and if I could describe them in one word it would have to be, 'extreme'. Those guys are definitely taking their sports to the next level!

Photo: Nathan meets Ryan and Chris from Nitro Circus


Now to something a little different but still as extreme: rhythmic gymnastics. It looks easy but man it is hard to do! Lucky for me I had Michaela to teach me a thing or two.

Photo: Saturday Disney's Nathan tries rhythmic gymnastics

To something a little stinky, but probably some of the most important people in the whole world, the everyday heroes: our local garbage men. I was lucky enough to go on a ride along. One thing you might not know about garbage men is they work all year round even on Christmas day. Talk about hard workers!

Photo: Saturday Disney's Nathan meets garbage men

I’ve been saving the best for last. I was lucky enough to hang out with the one, the only, Sheppard. Yes, this Aussie band just got back from overseas, so I thought we should chill out and go bowling! Note to self, get bowling lesson…

Photo: Nathan and the Australian band, Sheppard go bowling

So that’s all for this month, make sure you tune in every Saturday 6-7am on Seven and then 7-9am on 7TWO!
Stay Cool -
Nathan out!

by Nathan

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