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i did a drawing - Paul M i trolled my friends lol - CONZOOR yo kz your mags are cool and awesome! The pranks are really cool! - Jasper H I love the Agents of Awesomeness, especially the GRU section, he’s totally cool. Kzone you’ve done it again, you’re so amazing, love the latest copy - Jeremy B Hey Bobby! Cant wait to see you at your birthday party! - Kai F K zone is the best mag in the world 📰 - Sol Z Definitely my fav mag of all time! I used to read K-ZONE in my comfort zone when I was a child and now I re-reading the previous issues because it's so nostalgic. #alwaysyoung - Cedric M hi - Archomatronic A KZONE RULES - MYLES D I love K-Zone and the mags - harry B

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On sale October 12-November 15 2020 in Australia, and November 2-December 6 2020 in New Zealand!


2/11/2020 3:43:45 PM
Jeremy B
Wow, I can’t wait 😁
30/10/2020 9:26:34 AM
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