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K-Zone is too epic! - Kale I love the new issue that I can’t stop reading it. - Cody P Lesh go K-Zone!!!!!!! - Kody S Hi k-zone loved the jokes and laughed my head off πŸ€£πŸ’€ - Jeremy B YOU ARE SO AWESOME! - Tom i love k zone - Shona L K-Zone rocks! So do all the K-Zoners! :) - Eli B Kzone is soo good - Oliver Z You're the best K-Zone keep it up! - Nathan D KZONE - Liam


i love your books also your games.the riddles are great, i love the BIG BASH LEAGUE its your next book please put more big bash league.I LOVE K-ZONE.thanks bye From JACOB
21/12/2018 1:26:42 AM
I would love to win anything please l would be greatfull for whatever l am lucky πŸ€ To hopefully win. Thank you and good luck to everyone who enters πŸ€—
17/12/2018 7:47:00 AM
Who is your go-to in Mario Kart?
Donkey Kong