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Cold flakes, comic swap and Polly does a pee!
Fool of the pool, you want flies with that and the best/worst gift ever!
The art of the fart, happy birthday who? and other hilarious pranks!
Fake volcanoes, bubble-wrap butts, mustard mouths and more pranking gold!
Fruity untruth, Team Scheme, Sport Rort and more epic pranks!
Parental pranks, sibling scars and random red faces!
Prehistoric pranks from the past... what was the first ever prank?
Did you know the word 'gullible' isn't in the dictionary?
The original mutant turtle was a prank? Find out more here!
Beware world... it's Prank O'Clock!
Merry Christmas pranksters!
Guaranteed gross LOLs!
Is it even possible to prank Paris?!
Pranks of the past, parental and prank-star's ultimate pranks!
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