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i love ya kzone - Baxter J Shout out to my mates Olivia Emma and Archie!! - Sophia things in kzone are so amazing - Andy Thank you so much for the great prizes we can possibly win each week and for all the hard work you guys do to make such a great the pranks pages! - Grayson M I love KZONE!!! - Cameron Sup y’all I am hoping to win a prize have a good one k-zoners - Callum s Sup K-Zone I love your mags they're so EPIC!! You rock K-Zone keep it up!! :D - Jacob S I came back to my K-zone phase it feels good! - Xavier F Shout out to my best friend Rowan M! - Hayden O I really think that they shouldn’t make battlefront 3 They should just keep updating 2 - AsteroidN