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Can I pleaseeeee be in your mags for a shout out!!!πŸ‘ - Eran A shoutout all the way from the Philippines, I hope y'all come back here! - Clarence Yo K-zone ur mags r the best out of the best:) - Ethan Yo K-Zone! Can you put more LEGO stuff in your mags?! Shout out to all my friends! - Emerson Your getting me new tech updates! - tresgamer t Baby yoda is the best thing in the world!!! - Eran Wow, in this edition of kzone, the Star Wars comic is truly awesome. Well done team k-zoneπŸ‘πŸ‘ - Jeremy B Shout out to my dog Henry - Joshua R I hope this get in the amazing mags - Eran Minecraft is cool - Wilbey S