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Playing Now: Toy Tie-Ins

Playing Now: Toy Tie-Ins

Whether you love playing games or prefer toys, these toy tie-in titles are some of our fave ones to pull out of the toy box!


Two types of flying means two types of fun for this category. Like, get impossible air in Hot Wheels Unleashed as you sail over jumps and fly around tiny corners. Or blast into the arena then send darts (and foes) flying as you battle with the biggest, bestest blasters to become the ultimate Nerf-herding hero in Nerf: Legends!


These next two have crossed in opposite directions. Digimon started off as a virtual pet on a tiny handheld device. Now it’s become tonnes of toys, TV eps and game titles (with Digimon Survive on the way)! Meanwhile, R2-D2 started on the big screen. Then went into smaller toy boxes (and lots of games). Now everyone’s best bud bot is a rad virtual pet in R2-D2 Tamagotchi.


You’ve watched the flicks. Transformed the toys. Now transform those expectations and turn in for the turn-based battles of Transformers: Battlegrounds. Plus, we still love the original transforming toy. LEGO! Switch up your transformation expectations with the phew-it’s-finally-here Switch version of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.


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