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Yo k-zoners Shout out to my brother Josh - Alexander W I love sonic and k-zone - Andriy K-Zone is da bom - Eleanor M Hi K-zone, I am 10, almost 11, years old and the first time I got one of your magazines was 2 years ago when I dislocated my thumb. It was a present for me from my grandma. - Henry Hey K-Zone, you're the best!!!! Keep doing what you do. - Laurence T I Love your mags - Leo R I ❤️ kzone! - Riley F K-zone is the best!! - Andriy SHOUTOUT to my bro henry - Thomas F K-Zone deserves a lot more funding. - Jude P

Back Chat Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Back Chat, where we read your shout outs, emails and letters!

Dan tackles the tough questions sent in by K-Zoners. How many characters are there in Star Wars? When will time travel come to Earth? Check out these brain busters and more from the newest addition to K-Zone TV!

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