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Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation Trailer

There are so many LOLs, we made a list of our fave monster jokes!

The final Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation trailer is here, and there are so many LOLs, we were inspired to make a list of our fave jokes!

Check out the trailer and share your fave monster themed joke in the comments below!

What type of dog would Dracula own?
A blood hound!

What does Frankenstein put on his sundae?
Whipped scream!

What is the most important day in Egypt?
Mummy’s Day!

What do you call a werewolf with a fever?
A hot dog!

What's a vampire's favorite sport?

How did Frankenstein get around town?
He drove a monster truck!

How can you tell if a mummy has a horrible cold?
By his deep, loud coffin!

How do you make a werewolf laugh?
Give it a funny bone!

What do vampires cross the sea in?
Blood vessels!

What do you call a clever monster?
Frank Einstein!

What kind of makeup do mummies wear?

Where do werewolves store their things?
In a were-house!

Why did the vampire get kicked off the cruise ship?
Because he was a pain in the neck!

What kind of music do mummies like most?
Wrap music!

What goes ha-ha-ha-ha, thud?
A mummy laughing it’s head off!

What do you call a lost werewolf?
A where-wolf!

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Wingardium Leviosa