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K-Zone TV Episode 48: The Massive Bricktastic Issue!

Ange and Aideen unbox the April issue!

Ange and Aideen unbox the April issue!

We shine a light on The LEGO Movie 2 and our Bricksburg buddies Emmet and Lucy as they make a return to the big screen. Read interviews with stars Chris Pratt, Will Arnett and more. There are also heaps of fun facts and a rad poster – everything (inside) is AWESOME!

There is so much mystery surrounding new superhero flicks Shazam!, Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. We hunt down answers by tackling the big issues with hard-hitting questions!

As always, you will find stacks of puzzles, pranks and prizes throughout the pages of this month’s brick-busting mag. Hop to it, K-Zoners.

The April issue comes with a free How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World Mystery Figure!
Grab the April issue of K-Zone, on sale now!


K-Zone Team
Hi Ewan!
26/8/2019 10:41:40 AM
K-Zone Team
Go Nathan!
26/8/2019 10:41:35 AM
I love kzone go kzone
19/5/2019 2:11:40 PM
Ewan M
14/4/2019 8:19:04 AM
What would you rather be?
A famous athlete
A Time Lord
A super hero
A comedian